Use musify and Markdown to produce a page of music for you.

Check the crib sheet to see all the codes for musify. Anything inside [mus] to [/mus] will get converted to musical symbols.

For example, [mus]d£ f# G_[/mus] would become d f G°. You can see what you get in the preview window.

musify requires a browser that can handle CSS3 transforms (test); and the preview requires JavaScript.

Your formatted text will appear here.

Links to pages are not displayed on the public list by default.

If you're not the composer of the piece, put the name of the actual composer in the Composer field.

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crib sheet

musify codes
Type thisTo get thisExplanation
f£ | f$ | f¤ f | f | fflat
d##ddouble sharp
line break
((#9))B(9)super-scripting with brackets
B^triangle symbol
C * 3C × 3multiplication symbol
C |%C | ÷single bar repeat (simile mark)
{{E//}}Edslash chords
{{47@16}}4716time signatures
ii[-{{6@4}}-]ii64sub-scripting elements
E--A7EA7inverted tie
E...A7E…A7dotted tie/ellipsis
<|2, 1, 5|>❬2, 1, 5❭ordered pitch sequences
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