My Webkit hatred continues to rise.

29 Mar 2014

Apparently Webkit (sorry - ALL the Webkits) doesn't do CSS transforms on inline elements. So I've changed the simile symbol to an inline block, with the sincere hope that it doesn't mess up anyone else. Don't blame me - blame Webkit. Sorry, ALL the Webkits.

Speaking of Webkit, Tom Ward has highlighted that the ties don't look right on Safari, so he's created a fork of musify on Github. Again, this isn't down to bad coding, but Webkit - ALL OF THEM. If anyone would like to report these bugs, go ahead - but if the handling of the general sibling indicator was anything to go by don't rely on them being fixed for about five years.

Tiny styling edit

29 May 2013

Adjusted the CSS of the editor so that it fits better on a small screen. I think. Let me know if it works for you!

Github! Ages ago!

16 Apr 2013

No actual developments to the code, but a short note to say that I've replicated the code on Github. So if you want to do all sorts of crazy things with the code, you can. If you can use Github.


23 Jan 2013

Jak Carr from Netiva - who is also my web host of choice - has done what I literally did not have the ability to do, and tweaked (= made) the Drupal module into a usable state. Grab it! But only if you use Drupal and need it.

Minor edits

10-12 Jan 2013

Nothing huge - just that the triangle symbol is not longer superscripted by default. So if you use it and you want to superscript it, put it in double square brackets as you might with an extension. Many thanks to Wulf Forrester-Barker for the suggestion.

Also to point out that there is a mailing list that you can sign up to if you have any problems or want to ask something.

The editor got a bit of a sprucing up - you can now set the font to be serif or sans; it isn't brown any more; and should have a better layout for mobile devices. Many thanks to Philip Wain, Han-earl Park and Steve Lawson for the advice and spreading the word.

Today (12th Jan):


13 Jul 2012

My further thoughts on "machine-parseable" output led me to think more about humans beings again: and so I decided to think of flats, sharps, and naturals as abbreviations - and then implemented this in the PHP version. I think this will mean that screen readers will say "f sharp" to the user. I'd be interested in finding out if this is the case.

I've also added the single-bar simile sign (use %), with thanks to Charlie Evans for bringing it to my attention.


6 Jun 2012

Quick tutorial for the musify editor - enjoy!

Should be clear enough. I tell you though, considering its size, WebM took AGES to render.

What does it mean?

31 May 2012

Been thinking about whether what you get from musify should be "machine parse-able", i.e. able to be understood by a piece of software in some way. My initial thought is that it's not important: As inflexible as it is, MusicXML does this already, and the point of musify to make things easier for people to display music on the Web; not for machines to understand it. However, it can be done I think: and so over the next few weeks I'll be looking at ways to achieve this, as well as thinking about the potential benefits.

Edit frenzy

30 May 2012

Spent heaps and heaps of time on the editor, adding licence descriptions and generally tidying it up. I'm pretty close to saying it's ready, so if you use it let me know! Hope it's useful. Still no idea as to whether Drupal works, but ho-hum.

Short catch-up

29 May 2012

I've decided write on any minor developments here. I'm not going to add a commenting system - if anyone wants to pick up a point about a post then please write to me - there are many ways.

So, to catch up: I finally thought of a way of adding a double sharp. The implementation of this is not perfect: it relies on your browser being able to cope with CSS3 transform property. But it's there. I've also been working on a Drupal module, but have no way of testing it. If you'd like to test it, just head to the download section and write back to me with any feedback.

The final thing (which is not yet finished) is a more complete editor: I've incorporated musify (in PHP) and Markdown together in the same editor, and my aim is to create a "Pastebin/SongTrellis"-like area, so people can write and share compositions easier. In order to get musify and Markdown to play nicely together, the include for musify has to come before that for Markdown; and I created a tag for demarcating the text you'd want to musify:


It's in BBCode format, but I have no idea how you'd go about using it in BBCode. If anyone DOES know, just shout!

UPDATE (10:15a.m.) -- well that all worked rather quicker than I thought: the editor now works in full and saves your work as a page which you can link to if you wish.